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The EU’s Green Peace Narrative and Russia: Russia’s War in Ukraine in the EU’s Climate Narrative


The article looks at how Russia’s war in Ukraine enters the EU’s climate narrative. The European Union has over time developed a narrative of itself as the global green leader. This narrative has increasingly served as complementary to the EU’s foundational peace narrative. For the peace narrative, the EU’s own violent past served as ‘the other’, whereas for the green leader narrative other world powers less willing to climate action, including the US, China and Russia have served as ‘the others’.  The current war merges the two narratives and put the EU as the peaceful green leader in contrast to the brutal aggression of the authoritarian Russian oil economy. The war discourse, moreover, facilitates the concrete work with the EU’s fit for 55 climate mitigation agenda and during the second half of 2022, several important milestones were reached.


European Commission, climate politics

Discussion Article (PDF)

Author Biography

Oleksandra Kovalevska

Oleksandra Kovalevska is a Ph.D. candidate in International Relations and European Studies at Metropolitan University Prague. Her research is primarily focused on climate and sustainability politics of the European Union. She is also a member of several research teams, working on projects focused on the EU‘s sustainability politics and Eurasian regional integration, and supported by the EU’s Jean Monnet Programme and the Czech Science Foundation. Her research was published in international scientific journals and think tanks. 

Mats Braun

Mats Braun is the director of the Institute of International Relations Prague and Jean Monnet Chair in European Studies at Metropolitan University in the same city. In his research he focuses primarily on regional organizations. He has published his research in leading journals on European studies (for instance the Journal of Common Market Studies) and leading journals on environmental politics (including the journal Environmental Politics). He is the author of the books Europeanization of Environmental Europe in Central and Eastern Europe (Ashgate/Routledge 2014/2016) and The Politics of Regional Cooperation and the Impact on the European Union - A Study of Nordic Cooperation and the Visegrad Group (Edward Elgar Publishing 2021).