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The Czech Journal of International Relations introduces article collections on topics relevant to the journal's scope.


The War in Ukraine

The ongoing Russian war in Ukraine has transformed security environment in and beyond Europe. We select several articles that illustrate both the reasons for the war and the impacts it had on international organistations, great power competition, and climate politics.

Ilin, I., & Nihmatova, O. (2023). The "Brotherly People" Metaphor and the Russian-Ukrainian Irredentist War: A Corpus-Based StudyCzech Journal of International Relations58(2), 7–41.

Parizek, M. (2023). Worldwide Media Visibility of NATO, the European Union, and the United Nations in Connection to the Russia-Ukraine WarCzech Journal of International Relations58(1), 15–44.

Winkler, S. (2023). U.S.-Chinese Strategic Competition and the Ukraine War: Implications for Asian-Pacific SecurityCzech Journal of International Relations58(1), 45–76.

Klepárník, V. (2023). From Donbas Conflict to the Russian-Ukrainian War. A Review of LiteratureCzech Journal of International Relations58(3), 103–128.

A Forum on the climate impacts of the war in Ukraine


COVID-19 in Central and Eastern Europe

While it may now seem like long time ago, the Covid-19 pandemic has profoundly altered our sense of safety and security. We introduce a forum on the impacts of the pandemic on societies, states and information primarily in Central and Eastern Europe.

Rychnovská, D. (2021). Rethinking the Infodemic: Global Health Security and Information Disorder. Czech Journal of International Relations56(4), 77–90.

Guasti, P. (2021). Democratic Erosion and Democratic Resilience in Central Europe during COVID-19. Czech Journal of International Relations56(4), 91–104.
Maati, A., & Švedkauskas, Žilvinas. (2021). Long-term Prescription? Digital Surveillance is Here to StayCzech Journal of International Relations56(4), 105–118.
Hardoš, P., & Maďarová, Z. (2021). On the Forms of Vulnerability and Ungrievability in the Pandemic. Czech Journal of International Relations56(4), 119–130.
Kazharski, A., & Makarychev, A. (2021). Russia’s Vaccine Diplomacy in Central Europe: Between a Political Campaign and a Business Project. Czech Journal of International Relations56(4), 131–146.
Resende, E. S. A. (2021). Pandemics as Crisis Performance: How Populists Tried to Take Ownership of the Covid-19 PandemicCzech Journal of International Relations56(4), 147–157.
Book Forum
This collection offers specific fora published in the journal, dedicated to publications with regional scope yet global relevance.
Kalmar, I., Kazharski, A., Krivonos, D., Rudwick, S., & Scheiring, G. (2023). Book Forum on Ivan Kalmar’s White but Not Quite: Central Europe’s Illiberal Revolt. Czech Journal of International Relations58(3), 133–184.