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Isabella M. Weber: How China Escaped Shock Therapy: The Market Reform Debate


This book review follows Issabela Weber in her exploration of China's economic transformation, focusing on the influence of Central and Eastern European (CEE) experts. Weber challenges conventional Western beliefs by highlighting the historical politics of inflation in shaping China's market reform debate. She examines the interactions between Chinese academics, liberal-minded party leaders, and CEE experts who acted as intermediaries for new ideas of economic transition. By unraveling the transnational history of CEE's intellectual impact on China's economic reforms in the context of emerging neoliberal globalization, Weber offers unique insights into China's economic development within the global landscape, among other aspects.


China, Neoliberalism, Economic Ideas, Inflation, Central and Eastern Europe

Book review (PDF)

Author Biography

Rudolf Fürst

Rudolf Fürst is a Senior Non-resident Fellow at the Institute of International Relations Prague. His field of research and publocations cover copntemporary Chinese affairs, Sino-European relations, relations of Central and East European states with China, post-cummunist transformation, and soft power.